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Therapeutic Fly-fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR)℠

"Freedom in sincerity, freedom on the fly."

 An holistic and adaptive format for offering nature-based psychotherapy therapy for trauma-related conditions. The world's first integration of an evidence-based psychotherapy with Therapeutic Fly-fishing, developed in the spring of 2020 by Tony Parmenter and published in the January 2022 edition of Journal of Military & Veterans' Health (JMVH).

Receive professional training in TF-EMDR from it's creator.

Seiyu Institute for Health & Training is an EMDRIA Approved Credit Provider (#21025).

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Are you an EMDRIA-trained EMDR Therapist (or international equivalent)? Expand your horizons with this model!

Trainings are approved for EMDRIA Continuing Education Credit and state licensing boards for Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, and Marriage & Family TherapistsTraining fees cover the purchasing of equipment (each attendee may receive brand new fishing equipment via an affordable discount), site rental, travel, food or snacks, continuing education credit, and lodging. Profit is put toward helping to facilitators cover basic needs during the training, and the remainder is applied toward therapy scholarships for first responders.

When appropriate, TF-EMDR trainings are done communally.

Upcoming trainings:

Registration for this training is FULL.

2024 Training Retreat

Aug 23-25, Groton, Vermont
This retreat will utilize natural resources on stolen indigenous land belonging to the Wabanaki and N’dakina (Abenaki / Abénaquis) peoples.  Learn about the land you live on.
Cost: $1,700  - $900 deposit due upon registration

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Course name: Therapeutic Fly-Fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR): An Introduction and Practicum
15 EMDRIA Education Credits approved - EC Program Approval Number: #21025-02 
15 Continuing Education Hours approved for LMHC/LPC, LICSW, LMFT, & Psychologists.
Limited to 8-participants
  • Participants must hold EMDRIA Training in EMDR, at minimum

  • A custom fly-fishing rod, and accompanying gear, to take home. 

  • Two nights' lodging.

  • Six organic, seasonal meals prepared for you.

  • 10 hours of EMDR practice on still water and local mountain streams.

  • Private access to Vermont's premier, protected fly-fishing only lake.

  • Six hours of follow up EMDR group consultation with Tony Parmenter.

  • Field based fly-tying. 

  • Traditional and Tenkara (Japanese fixed-line) fly-fishing techniques.

  • Nature-based Resource Development and Interweave techniques.

  • Nature-based polyvagal, mindfulness-based, and ego state interventions.

  • Meet the training requirements for Credentialing in TF-EMDR.

  • A relaxed nervous system.

  • Community.

  • Confidence and knowledge for integrating fly-fishing and other nature-based modalities into the practice of EMDR Therapy.

Registration for this training is FULL.

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Credentialing in TF-EMDR

Visit Canvas to learn more about the credentials Apprentice in TF-EMDRTF-EMDR Therapist, and TF-EMDR Instructor (pending).

Are you ready to take your EMDR profession into nature? Stand out as a TF-EMDR Therapist. Trainings are completed in small groups, and apprentices receive personal consultation from developer and Senior TF-EMDR Instructor Tony Parmenter along the way. Trainees and apprentices are guided to creatively integrate TF-EMDR and The Seiyu-zuri Method℠ into their personal style, to form a unique way of practicing nature-based therapy.
We know the deep and transformational power of nature-based therapy, and that we are the best at our job when the work is fun, and when it feeds us. A credential as a TF-EMDR Therapist represents that a person values innovation and creativity in trauma therapy. Those with credentials in good standing are allowed to use the trade-marked terms Therapeutic Fly-fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR) and The Seiyu-zuri Method℠ on personal and official marketing materials. 
Does this interest you? Check out the pathway below.
TF-EMDR Therapist - steps to credentialing:
  1. Complete an EMDRIA-approved (or equivalent) Basic Training in EMDR.

  2. Attend and complete a two-day (or three day, divided) Therapeutic Fly-fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR) Training with a TF-EMDR Instructor, approved by Seiyu Institute for Health & Training, L3C.

  3. While maintaining status as an Apprentice in TF-EMDR, complete a minimum of 6 post-training consultation hours specific to TF-EMDR with a TF-EMDR Instructor or Instructor-in-Training. TF-EMDR Instructors and Instructors-in-Training are EMDRIA Approved Consultants or EMDRIA Consultants in Training (CIT) supervised by a Seiyu I.H.T. approved Senior TF-EMDR Instructor.

  4. Submit a written case study demonstrating the use and understanding of Therapeutic Fly-fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR)℠, including the use of nature-based ego-state methods, EMDR Resource Development & Installation (RDI) techniques in nature, and personal innovative practices.

  5. To maintain certification, complete one of the following in a two-year period: a 6-hour TF-EMDR training, attend a TF-EMDR Refreshment Day, or 6 hours of individual consultation with a TF-EMDR Instructor.

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